// An artist, dancer and musician; a hunter and healer. A rebel with a soft heart.

S'aeil Akaruta

About S'aeil


Personality traits: Playful, energetic, creative, flirtatious, soulful.
Birthday: 1st Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Age: 23
Race: Seeker of the Sun, Miqo'te
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual; polyamorous
Relationship status: Married to Kaito Akaruta; in other open relationships
Family: Twin sister, S'kalkaya; Parents deceased.

Hair: Dark
Eyes: One, green, one violet
Height: 5′7″
Build: Lean, athletic
Distinguishing marks: A myriad of tattoos, most of which are star constellations and spell sigils, along his torso and arms.

Common accessories: Several piercings including a few earrings in each ear, snakebite piercings, nipple piercings, left nostril piercing and a tongue piercing, all with silver jewelry.
Profession: Bounty hunter; healer; dancer at The Aurora; 'DJ Guncatte' & bar manager at The New Morgue
Residence: Beach house in Shirogane
Hobbies: Dancing, playing guitar, singing, reading, running, painting, drawing.

RP Hooks

More About S'aeil


S'aeil has been a performer for many years, mostly into fire dancing but in the past has been known to perform primarily in high end gay strip clubs and burlesques. He now sometimes performs at more low-key places singing and playing guitar. He also currently works as a dancer at The Aurora and plays music at The New Morgue Tavern & Fight Club as 'DJ Guncatte'. He also works there as a bar manager.

Bounty Hunter

For several years now, he's taken bounties to fight monsters. He's also taken quite a few to take out Garleans as well as stolen quite a few of their guns and other various magitek.


He's a painter, mostly of impressionistic landscapes. He's sold a few paintings and had a few in galleries here and there.

Reluctant oracle

While this only comes up in select RP situations where all parties consent to it, S'aeil has a gift of strong foresight and is talented in using tarot cards and at times receives visions. This is something he is still navigating and learning and often brings him distress.

OOC Info

-Always open to making new friends. I have preference for long-term RP but short-term can be okay too.
-No OOC flirting, please, as I'm not looking for any OOC romantic or sexual interactions. Platonic friendship is okay but nothing beyond that!
-S'aeil is not currently open for romantic shipping!
-Mun is 30+ and will only RP with those 18+
-EST time zone

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